Copy of PSA Sub Group Regular Service #3 DEAD LINE TO RECIEVE 5/1/2022

Copy of PSA Sub Group Regular Service #3 DEAD LINE TO RECIEVE 5/1/2022

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PSA regular group submissions are now open! 




The estimated turn around is 2-3 months. Please note, this can be shorter, or longer!

This is a group submission and will be capped at 20 cards per group. Once 20 spots are filled, you will have to wait for the next group sub to post in order to send more cards! You may do more then one card at a time!

After placing the order, you MUST fill out the following Google Doc, print, and include it inside your package. If you do not have a printer, please hand write the information on paper and include it in your package!

If your card is not in a card saver, Texas Cardz TCG will provide one for free!

Also, please write the submission group number on the bottom of the box! This will make it easier for us to sort and organize!

Please note! These orders will be time sensitive! Once PSA allocates numbers to us, we have 15 days to submit the order in the system! 

You are responsible for shipping to AND from Texas Cardz TCG LLC. You will be charged shipping once you check out and this will cover return shipping once your collectables are finished at PSA and returns to us.

Please ship your collectibles to:

Texas Cardz TCG 

771 HCR 2233, WEST, TX 76691

Texas Cardz TCG LLC will be responsible for shipping to PSA with insured shipping! 

We are NOT responsible for any damages to your collectables during the shipment to us! Please package your collectables with love! Always inside a box, not bubble mailer. 

The max value per item is $999 AFTER grading. An example is; you send a base set Charizard for grading. Raw value is $500. After grading, it is a PSA 9. The new market value is $1200. PSA will upcharge that item now to the next grading level. You will be responsible for any of these upcharges!

If any upcharges are not paid, legal action may be taken. Your graded collectable(s) will be held until judgement or payment is received. The prevailing party shall have the right to collect from the other party in any associated legal action its reasonable costs and necessary disbursements and attorneys' fees incurred in enforcing this Agreement.

By placing an order, you agree to all above statements and instructions.